TMC Design Standards

TMC is certified to design and manufacture to the following standards:


        - U.S. DOT Section 107 (49 CFR)                         - 10 CFR 71, Subpart H
        - MIL-I-45208A                                                      - 10 CFR 21
        - NQA-1                                                                 - 10 CFR 50, Appendix B
        - ASME Section VIII, Division I - U Stamp

TMC Certifications



ASME Code Pressure Vessels

TMC holds the ASME ‘'U'’ Stamp Certification conforming to ASME Code Section VIII, Division I for pressure vessel construction.

CSEI Pressure Vessels

TMC is certified by the China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (CSEI) to import pressure vessels into the People's Republic of China. 

European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Pressure Vessels

TMC is qualified to import PED Certified Pressure Vessels into Europe. The European PED (97/23/EC) provides the European legislative framework for any equipment subject to a pressure hazard.

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Korean Gas Safety (KGS) / MOCIE Pressure Vessels

TMC is certified by KGS / MOCIE (Korean Gas Safety Corporation / Ministry Of Commerce, Industry and Energy) to manufacture pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and related equipment for import into South Korea.

Taiwan Code Pressure Vessels

TMC has manufactured and imported pressure vessels into Taiwan as certified by the Taiwan TBA/CBA inspectors.

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